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Peter J. Earle

Before you stir your resource pot, pour in a little measure of Noetic Sciences. http://noetic.org/ You will probably have to use a filter, but there's some interesting stuff there.

Gerry Fenge

Ah, noetic sciecnes, as featured in Dan Brown's latest (which also required a filter - e.g. our hero's pal seemed remarkably indifferent to the loss of a hand). Yes, must give your link a proper look. Thanks, Peter!

Peter J. Earle

Haven't read the Brown's latest but this subject would be a vast canvas for adventurous novelists to use as more and more thinking people are convinced that we are on the cliff-edge of a paradigm shift.

Gerry Fenge

Paradigm shift, indeed, Peter. This year could be very interesting, although the resonance of any events may be more noticeable in following years. (Allegedly, by the way, a great fount of cosmic energy is meant to open up this year in the York/YorkshireDales area - i.e. where I live. Shall stay tuned and see what transpires...)

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