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Good stuff, Gerry, looking forward to reading more of it.
I've got a healthy dose of transcendence in my life - it's why I do what I do, travel continuously, to see new beauty and feel new environments on my skin. Gotta be alive! Why not? If a person has a life, and it's finite, then more fool them for wasting it on insignificance. If a person has a life and it's not finite, then wasting it is really just stalling - sooner or later, this life or the next, they'll have to figure out how to really live. Might as well get it done now - that way, you've nothing to lose!

David Gaughran


I've thrown away my compass. I'm ready to follow you into the desert of the real.


M. Clarke

Just as thought provoking and exhilerating a read as I would expect from you, Gerry. I love the way you manage to pinpoint that most elusive of moments and give it form.

Wonderful stuff.

David Gaughran

"The Gap" made me think of Salman Rushdie, who said that everyone had a God-shaped hole in their life. Some people fill it with religion, Reason, money, or love. Others, of course, fill it with Celebrity Wife Swap and Wotsits.

Gerry Fenge

Thanks a lot everyone. Figuring out how to live, going into the desert of the real, elusive moments, quoting Mr Rushdie - you get a good class of person responding on this blog!


I like how you take the natural and lead us on to question the supernatural.

And The Gap concept, of course, is somewhat older than Salman Rushdie, first introduced in the account of the Fall in Genesis, but still absolutely relevant.

Gerry Fenge

And Tony widens the discussion a bit further. Great stuff. Thank you.

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