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Tim Rowe

At the risk of being overly self-promotional, I recently played an Eastern European vampire in this audio drama: http://lightningbolttheaterofthemind.mypodcast.com/2011/01/Mirror_Episode1-338607.html

Gerry Fenge

Excellent - please feel free to self-promote on this blogsite.


Good point about the change in attitudes twixt then and now - of course, Christianity (specifically Catholicism) had a far greater hold over people in those days. Honest, 'God fearing' folk would be less free to examine the sexuality we currently associate with vampires et al. We've almost gone too far these days, in that nothing is really taboo anymore - every aspect of every dodgy subject, from bestiality to necrophilia to incest has been explored in depth, sensationalized and become a topic for casual jokes. Must make it hard for writers to shock people these days - you really gotta pull out the stops to grab a reader's attention!
Good stuff Gerry!

Gerry Fenge

Yup, we've done the full swing from Victorian type attitudes. Wonder where the pendulum will go next!

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