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M. Clarke

Another great blgo from the gifted pen of Mr Fenge. One to ponder over before replying, and that's what I've done.

I suppose the difference between 'Dragon Tattoo' and the Royal Wedding is that one is a work of fiction and the other is a work of love.

Steig Larsson had a very dim view of how women are treated in society and used his books to express his disgust at such treatment. He created Lisbeth Salander as a heroine who could take society on and make it pay.

Kate and Wills did what many thousands of other people in love do. They declared their commitment to each other in public and in a religious ceremony. Bless them for doing it - and good luck to them for the future.

I prefer to focus on their optimistic view of modern life, rather than Mr Larsson's pessimistic one.

Gerry Fenge

Possibly I over-exaggerated (to use the preferred contemporary expression [thinks: does 'over-exaggeration' imply that exaggeration is the norm?]).

Steig does a good job in making us ponder our attitudes - but in pondering I wonder if I'm guilty of being a bit salacious in my 'enjoyment' of the stories. Would I feel quite such a reaction to a tale of, say, gun-running and corporate crime (which issues form a sort of frame narration to the Dragon book - the Wennestrom parts of the story).

Lisbeth Salander deserves better attention than I gave her above. Her 'super-powers' almost qualify her for a DimensionBeyond accolade. Okay, it's via computer hacking, but her capacity to read people's minds verges on the paranormal. (Only verges.)

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