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I wondered, reading this, that however much people may knock it, the phrase "Land of Hope and Glory" isn't so wrong. Hope is the sun-washed Love side and Glory is the past, the tradition.

Gerry Fenge

Nice thought, Spi!


I remember that day, too. It was filled with excitement. And goodwill and whackiness and more goodwill. And respect and goodwill. Across the generations, across the races, across the wealth index. A happy day.

Gerry Fenge

Hi Whisks - just got this - have been in U.S. for a couple of weeks I(minus the web). Glad you remember the day. Wonder what next year's will be like.

Pnut Cat

i can has comint? i finkin teh sowlage ov Britin r Grinitch park coz it havs teh merrydin line wot bez Y britney roolz teh wavings.

Gerry Fenge

Hello Pnut Cat. Your very own Grinitch park features in a later post (Centenary of Abdul Baha's Visit to Britain). Nice to hear from you...

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