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MR Stuart Bates.

Really moving Gerry. I think it's important to keep people alive in our thoughts and feelings. It sounds as if you had a special experience by being in contact with your mum. Once, I suddenly got in contact with my long deceased grandma. Someone had talked to meon the subject of love love and a little later, as I was walking through the streets i felt a door opening in my heart and an endless stream of love for my grandma came flowing out. It was like the magic porridge pot in the children's story. Soon I felt wonderfully enveloped in a blanket of love.

Gerry Fenge

Good stuff, Stuart. I've told this story elsewhere and it tends to bring out stories like this from people. It seems quite common to feel a link with the departed. Maybe we're more sensitive to it as we get older (and nearer to departure ourselves!)

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