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I am in total agreement. I'd even go so far to say that science and religion validate each other. But that's a bit different. I never could understand the notion that the two must exist seperately, that they nullify each other.
Einstein said that religion without science is lame and science without religion is blind.

Gerry Fenge

Fascinating idea that they validate each other, Khaalidah. Could you specify how? There might be an interesting argument here.

Alarna Rose Gray

I'm not a scientist or religious...but I like the thought they can coexist. To me, the point of religion is to make us aware we are NOT the centre of the universe (among other things). And that life is full of mystery beyond the answers science finds today. Totally compatible, to my way of thinking (minus any dogma)....

Gerry Fenge

Hello again Alarna. Thanks for popping in again. Have just popped over to your blog - looks a great start. Hope it continues to go well.

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