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Peter J. Earle

So that's where you've been, twittering beautifully on. I love it, and, what's more, I see room for many more! My posts are much too sonorous; I need to lighten up and grease it's wheels with the oil of humour. Welcome back.

Gerry Fenge

Cheers for that, Peter. You mention your posts - do you have a blog somewhere? Let me know...

Peter J. Earle

It is with fear and trep that I started it, but in a way thanks to your venture into same and your report about it on the Wordcloud. Please tell me honestly whether it is interesting, vomitorious or what.

Gerry Fenge

Have a look at Peter's blog, folks - lots of good stuff in it. And there's also the interesting question of where it's heading - discussion of fascinating principles - as in the resonance article - or more autobiographical (overtly or otherwise)? Must keep watching and see where it goes...

Peter J. Earle

Thanks Gerry, very encouraging. I love the way you are on such good terms with the weather! With global change, I hope you stay in her good books.

It seems to be a new journey over an old, and I thought familiar, road, but I don't seem to remember where it goes. There are some potholes that were not there before, and heck, it has been washed away just here! Luckily, there is a detour...

Gerry Fenge

Ah the weather - you must be referring some recent tweets. Thank you kindly sir!

You seem to be onto a useful metaphor with your potholes and detour - maybe it will develop into something...

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